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November 2018

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November 2018

Mediteran Travel Mobile Homes Trogir


Mediteran Travel Mobile Homes Trogir is a quiet campsite in central Dalmatia, just 4 km from Trogir centre. Located in a tiny and cosy tourist village - Arbanija, which is known for its beautiful beaches and quiet atmosphere away from crowds and noise. In this location you will find comfortable, air-conditioned and fully equipped Mediteran Travel Mobile Momes for 3 or 4 people (with the possibility of combining two into one large 8-person apartment). All houses offer a picturesque view of the sea.
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Available homes

  • 0km

    Tommy Supermarket


  • 0km

    Restaurant in Hotel Sv.Kriz


  • 0.1km

    Restaurant on the beach


  • 0.1km

    Beach bar


  • 3.4km

    The Cathedral of St. Lawrence

  • 3.4km

    Radovan's Portal

  • 3.4km

    Trogir Town Museum


  • 2.5km

    Split Airport



Free parking

Free Wi-Fi

Beautiful Beach

Grocery Store



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Čiovo is an exceptionally picturesque island, even for high Balkan standards, located in the middle of Dalmatia and connected to the town of Trogir by a movable bridge.

It is an ideal place for those who appreciate the charming, island and harbour climate of the past. This impression is intensified by the Trogir itself with its narrow, worthwhile day and night sightseeing streets and the proximity of architectural monuments.

The very location of Ciovo in the heart of central Dalmatia makes it an ideal starting point to get to know the cultural heritage of the region and the richness of the Mediterranean nature.

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